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Staying Lawful and Reporting Crimes


Contact with the Police


Night Coordinators are completing and returning logs so we are aware of what has happened each night and this includes contact with the police. This has proved very useful in reporting back incidents where the police appear to be not acting in a balanced way. If you are out on a patrol and would like to speak to a police officer there are 2 dedicated liaison officers available each night. Any officer will be able to put you in touch with them or you can call 101 and ask to speak to the police liaison officer, who will come and talk to you wherever you are, if that is more convenient.   The liaison officers are trained and selected to undertake the role and are deployed specifically to talk to people or groups about their concerns and ensure everyone understand what the police are doing and why.


Reporting and recording intimidation and harassment


Some patrollers have been intimidated by others during the cull.


If you are subject to any harassment please report it to the police, get the name of the officer you report it to and ask for an incident number. Please let us know the details and follow up with the police to make sure they take a full statement of what happened. It's a lot of work but the only way that we can try and make sure the police are aware of what is happening on the ground.


In order to get an overall picture of this we ask people to let us know brief details and we then complete summary reports of intimidation and harassment and send to the police and ask for their comments.


Blocked setts and wildlife crime 


If you find any blocked setts or come across anything else which you feel might be a wildlife crime please contact the police, ask for an incident number and also ask them to ring the RSPCA. Please also contact us directly on so we can monitor progress with resolving the issue.