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Other Useful Information


Reporting problems with footpaths


If you come across a problem with a footpath whilst on patrol please contact

your local council direct on 

or the Ramblers Association on .


We know that blocked or mis-directed public footpaths are a real problem for patrollers so the more we report the better.


Young People on night patrols


We have many supporters with young children and have found that some have become anxious whilst out on night patrols. We would not want them to have unsettling experiences and ask parents to consider this and leave young people at home unless they are of a suitable age. We do not think patrols are suitable for young people under 16 years of age.


Finding wounded or dead badgers


If you do find any wounded or dead badgers it is important any finds should be reported urgently to Vale Wildlife Hospital on 01386 882288 or 07961 413574 after 5pm.


Where possible we need to try and get a good evidence record which can stand up to external scrutiny. This to include: not touching the badger, noting its exact location by grid reference if available, taking video or still film evidence if possible. In order to maximise the potential publicity benefits it would be good if any filming etc is sent to GABS initially and not shared on social media.  


Accommodation/ Lifts


From time to time we have requests for both accommodation and lift sharing. If you are camping, space will be available at Camp Badger. Please contact 07845 467 956. Lift sharing is best achieved through contacts on Facebook. Unfotunately we are unable to organise this for Patrollers.


If you've got any general queries do get back to us and we'll do our best to reply.