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Please join us so that we can keep you in touch with developments.  If you want to help us help to protect our badgers,  please email us on [email protected] or call 07948 217575


If you live in Gloucestershire or Herefordshire, you are well placed to help in very practical ways.


We are setting up local hubs to take the campaign to a local level.  There is a need to recruit local people who are willing to distribute leaflets door to door or from the street.  Many people in our counties do not know that the cull is continuing.  When the Government's Independent Expert Panel determined that the cull was ineffective and inhumane, it gave the impression that the cull would end.  However the killing will resume again this year and very likely over an even greater area.


Making representations to your MP would be a very useful activity.  We will produce more information for you in coming weeks to assist with this.  Please write to yours to keep this on the agenda, particularly as Brexit has overshadowed almost every other issue.  


Now is the time to strike!


Fieldwork and patrol preparation


We are preparing for Wounded Badger Patrols in 2020  and we are looking for additional support for this vital work.  This group needs help with:


  • Sett surveying:  surveying an area to find new setts and check existing setts.

  • Sett monitoring:  checking designated setts once a month to keep an eye on any badger activity, interference etc.

  • Patrol preparation:  meeting to walk the paths in daylight and be more familiar with routes for June.

  • Writing to people and organisations with whom you have a connection  to help get sponsorship for Wounded Badger Patrol equipment or organising a fundraising event.


If you’d like to know more e mail us: [email protected]

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